Iris in totality, wretches dip the wilted toe.

Heads with zero motion turn,

soundless for words unborn.

Rarified atoms dance no longer,

flit they hum to him to hum.

Thoughtless call a vacuum ‘human’,

To stall Quake’s mistaken pulse.

Known by most to drift in unwake,

Looming seer a’lights a cull.

Hurt the grandest air with phasing wing,

Meaningless must mean by any means.

Dragon lens flashes beneath the indigo layers of a rippling pool.

Blink flat. Grey.

It’s a bed sheet.

Thinking about how to make those idle bills sing?

Salutations from the riveting realm of investing! Whether a penny-pincher or a high roller there is a plethora of ways to kick off your investments.

It’s a wild time for businesses and with choices such as robo-advisors and fractional shares, trading…

On July 14th, 2020 at 9:00am a smol chip crash landed on the Kickstarter scene and caused instant bedlam.

By 9:20 the $20k goal was 100% funded. At 9:55 they passed 200%.

As of August 7th it’s at $850k with 5 days to go.

The chip is called the OpenCV…

Note: This should also work for the TX1 as they use the same carrier board

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


  • Linux 16.0.4 OS or Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac
  • NVIDIA Jetson TX2 board
  • Serial cable
  • 19V Power Supply: NVDA Input

This is a tutorial on setting up a TX2 board for your dev or prod builds. You can see the initial wiring steps also discussed here

1. Wiring

Do not turn…

image source

Preface: This is the point-of-view of an urban, millennial voter in Massachusetts; the home state of Senator Liz Warren and a state that appeared Bernie-favorable to take right before the Super Tuesday primaries.

1 — The Silent Majority

The makeshift convention hall of the 2017 Massachusetts Democratic Conference was a wake up call for the…

A walkthrough on running a YOLO-trained object detector with resulting bounding boxes on a video file. Assumes video feed comes through a ROS topic.

Note: This is based on a pre-trained COCO dataset that includes 80 image classifications. A tutorial on custom training will be added soon

Note: This example…

Velum percolating, they let cool the carbon’d mind,

Fleeting stasis; Eye of Storm, hitherto gasping rewind.

Tepid bay swirls and heaves, all turbidity status quo,

‘till foreign kinetics effervesce, OK kitsune here we go.

Turgid assemblages amalg, the antonym of purpose.

Tumult irreversible, amoeboid stampede towards surface.

Nano standstill halts the cry, penetration pauses nigh.

The mike checks out smooth, phonic beat getting warm,

Eternal hype goes kinetic as clarity enshrouds the form.

Zenith everlasting, transmission freely transpires.

Endure the lambasting, bc ebichs is on fire.

There be a TypeScript 3.0 on the horizon, and with it are some long anticipated updates in the pipeline, though nothing to the falsified hype level of #smooshgate, regrettably.

After scoping Microsoft’s announced Release Candidate I’ve laid out some quick notes on the significance of the main 5 new shinies…

Part 1: A quick primer on event-driven models

If you’ve ever worked with Node.js (or any event-driven environment) then you’ve probably heard the word ‘asynchronous’ in just about every architecture, design, and sprint retrospective meeting ever attended.

While the direct latin translation behind asynchronous not together with time —…

A couple of weeks ago, right before hunching over my coffee table to initiate this water-bong and Drum n Bass fueled blog, I fell into a deep reflection on the Democratic State Convention (DSC) that recently took place. …

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